Ladies Full Leather Sole & Rubber Heels

Ladies 1/2 Leather Soles Only

Ladies 1/2 Rubber Soles Only

Ladies Sole Protectors

Louis Vuitton Red Sole Protectors

Ladies Sole Protectors & Toe Build-up

Men’s Full Leather Sole & Rubber Heels

Men’s Full Leather Sole & Combo Heels

Men’s 1/2 Leather Soles Only

Men’s 1/2 Rubber Soles Only

Men’s 1/2 Leather Sole & Rubber Heels

Men’s 1/2 Leather Sole & Combo Heels

Your New Shoes in 3 Simple Steps!

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Step 1

Request a Priority Mail Envelope and print out the shipping label and tape it to a box or Priority Mail Envelope.
Note: Envelope is only for one pair of shoes not MBT

Step 2

Fill out Order Form

Step 3

Place your shoes and order form in the Priority Mail Envelope you requested or in any box. Tape the shipping label on the box or envelope. Put with your outgoing mail.